Setting Up Worship Centers at Home

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Setting Up Worship Centers at Home

The idea of setting up a place to worship at home is not new. Many people devote an area of the home for the purpose of creating sacred space. I found that it really was not that hard to do. My decision was to create a small chapel in the attic. My chapel included a worship center featuring religious art. I added chairs facing the altar, Christian Home decor that helped define the purpose of the space. I even added shelves to house my collection of rare out of print LDS books, Catholic stories, books from other Restoration traditions, and even study guides obtain from various Christian schools. If you like the idea of adding a worship center to the home, let me help. I'll explain how I selected elements, what went into setting up the space, and how I use it every day. Getting started is easier than you think.

Activities Kids Do At Christian Summer Camps

Christian summer camps provide a fun setting where Christian children spend time with other kids of the same faith. While at a camp, kids commonly participate in a combination of fun and religious activities. Here are some of the things your child may do if they go to one of these camps.  Devotional Time Many Christian camps begin each day with a devotional. This is typically a short period during which scripture is read, a comment is given on the scripture reading, and the leader prays. Read More 

4 Ways To Seek Knowledge In God

Babies are born knowing nothing about the world. As people grow older, they gain knowledge and wisdom from many sources. However, the best place to seek knowledge is in God. There are many ways that Christians can accomplish this. Here are four things that you do to expand your mind by seeking knowledge in God: 1. Learn about the world. The Bible says that God created the universe and everything in it. Read More