Setting Up Worship Centers at Home

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Setting Up Worship Centers at Home

The idea of setting up a place to worship at home is not new. Many people devote an area of the home for the purpose of creating sacred space. I found that it really was not that hard to do. My decision was to create a small chapel in the attic. My chapel included a worship center featuring religious art. I added chairs facing the altar, Christian Home decor that helped define the purpose of the space. I even added shelves to house my collection of rare out of print LDS books, Catholic stories, books from other Restoration traditions, and even study guides obtain from various Christian schools. If you like the idea of adding a worship center to the home, let me help. I'll explain how I selected elements, what went into setting up the space, and how I use it every day. Getting started is easier than you think.

Making The World A Better Place

Good and evil are experienced daily, either through your own actions or those who surround you. There are also deeds that are created naturally, such as an earthquake that results in the loss of life or catastrophic damage. If you have been reading a lot about how people are suffering worldwide and are deeply upset about poverty or the lack of compassion that others show one another, examine your take on suffering and vow to use a Christian approach when helping others.

A Christian View

If you consider yourself a Christian and have been an active member of your church, suffering has probably been discussed during many sermons that your minister has addressed to the members of the congregation. You may have some difficulty in accepting the suffering of others, especially if someone who is close to you has been dealing with adversity and they have not done anything to trigger negative results.

Christians often have varying views about suffering and this includes the belief that God places challenges before people, but allows them to fight off suffering, by responding in ways that are beneficial. For instance, if a person is hungry or cold and they have no money to satisfy their needs, a person who donates money or offers a free meal and a warm place to stay will be counteracting the suffering.

Good things can come with bad alternatives and these two balance one another, allowing people to appreciate when something positive happens. Strengthen your views by spending more time at church and studying the Bible. Contact your minister for guidance with coming to terms with some of the negative things that you have been experiencing or have watched others go through.

Make A Difference

Reading about how others have been helping those who are suffering may inspire you to make a difference within your community. There are many ways to offer support to those in need. Donating clothing, non-perishable goods, and money can help those who are temporarily unemployed and struggling to pay their bills.

If there are homeless people in the community and there is a soup kitchen located near your residence, call the facilitator of the kitchen and offer to donate your time helping to prepare meals and serve those who stop by. Don't assume that people in your family or friends who you work with are doing alright. Always offer your assistance with small and large projects, to reduce the burden that others are dealing with. For information on understanding Christian beliefs on suffering in the world, contact a religious institution.